Under armour business report

The brand, which recently launched in mid-priced department store Kohl's known for its deep discounting, will now be entering into an agreement with discount shoe retailer DSW. The deal involves a collaboration to offer unique products for DSW stores, said Debbie Ferree, vice chairman and chief merchandising officer for DSW in a conference call with analysts. Analysts worry that this move will affect Under Armour's brand perception, especially for its still-new and struggling footwear line.

Under armour business report

This indicates that these companies have very strong policies, programs that support the policies, and that they provide plenty of performance metrics. Lululemon and Under Armour briefly mention a policy regarding energy and climate change on their website, with Lululemon providing performance data and Under Armour supplying examples from their programs.

Water The water category is strong amongst all of the companies as all five provide at least one water policy. As with the previous categories, Nike and Puma received maximum points for having excellent policies, programs, and performance metrics, and Lululemon and Adidas were not far behind.

However, Lululemon and Adidas did not provide as many metrics or programs as Nike or Puma. Under Armour has the weakest score with only a brief policy mentioned on their website.

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Nike only had a brief land use and biodiversity policy and respective programs mentioned in their report. Puma had one performance metric. Miss our first dimension analysis earlier this week? Catch right up here! Follow her at jenniferwoofter.Under Armour Marketing Strategy.

Under Armour is a highly popular sports clothing and accessories company that currently supplies sportswear, footwear and casual apparel for customers around the world. Under Armour also has a small but growing Connected Fitness business, which comprises fitness-related apps such as MapMyFitness, MyFitnessPal, Endonondo, and UA Record.

The free-to-use apps generate revenue from advertising. May 23,  · Under Armour Inc. financial and business news, updates, and information from The New York Times and other leading providers. The company markets its products under Heatgear, Coldgear, Under Armour, Allseasongear and Under Armour UA Logo brands.

The company has business presence across North America, Latin America, EMEA and schwenkreis.com: € The jersey deal will start with the season, according to a Sports Business Journal report on schwenkreis.com agreement would give Under Armour its first uniform deal with a major U.S.

sports league. As a senior leader, Funai will be responsible for the engineering function across Under Armour’s digital ecosystem, including its fitness applications and global e-commerce business.

Under armour business report

She will lead the engineering strategy that supports the roadmap, platform and product feature set development.

Analysts Divided on Under Armour Outlook