Kandinsky towards abstraction

At the age of six he moved to Munich where his father, Theodor Hofmann, took a job with the Bavarian government. He went on to patent several innovative electronic devices, including an electromagnetic comptometer, a radar device for ships, a sensitized light bulb, and a portable freezer for use in the military. Even with all these early accomplishments, his focus would ultimately shift to art.

Kandinsky towards abstraction

Varley Lawren Harris Biography: He pioneered a distinctly Canadian painting style in the early twentieth century. Lawren Harris was born into a wealthy family on October 23rd He was the first born of two sons.

Andrew's College in Toronto, and then from age 19 to he studied in Berlin. He was interested in philosophy and eastern thought.

Kandinsky towards abstraction

In his youth Lawren Harris moved to Toronto, Ontario. He first studied art in Berlin, Germany, from to He then returned to Toronto, where he began painting post-impressionist street scenes of the older and poorer areas of Toronto.

He continued to paint similar subjects, both of Toronto and of small Ontario towns, into the s. Harris married Beatrice Trixie Phillips on January 20th and together had had three children born in Kandinsky towards abstraction first decade of their marriage his son Lawren P.

Harris also became an artist.

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Soon after meeting and becoming friends with J. MacDonald inthey would later together formed the Group of Seven. In Harris and J. Under this influence, Harris began painting decorative landscape oil paintings. Several Toronto painters joined Harris on outings to northern Ontario, from which they produced landscape oil paintings that represented a new, distinctly Canadian art.

He financed the construction of a studio building in Toronto with friend Dr. The Studio provided artists with cheap or free space where they could live and work.

Kandinsky towards abstraction

His school-time friend F. Housser was married in to a woman named Bess. Harris and Bess fell in love, but saw no action that could be made. For the two to divorce their spouses and marry would cause an outrage. Later in andLawren Harris with J. MacDonald financed boxcar trips for the artists of the group of seven to the Algoma region.

Jackson later claimed that Lawren Harris provided the stimulus for the Group of Seven. By Harris's landscapes had become increasingly sombre and his brush stroke more expressive. During this period, Harris's landscapes, of Lake Superior fromthe Rocky Mountains fromand the Arcticbecame more stylized.

For example, in North Shore, Lake SuperiorNational Gallery of Canada, Ottawaforms lose texture, while color and light symbolize the interplay between the spiritual and material. Harris was so passionate about the North Shore and fascinated by the theosophical concept of nature, he returned annually for the next seven years.

There he developed the style he is best known for. He painted landscapes around Toronto, Georgian Bay and Algoma. During the s, Harris' works became more abstract and simplified, especially his stark landscapes of the Canadian north and Arctic.For his tremendous contribution in moving the art world away from representational traditions and towards abstraction, Wassily Kandinsky is considered by many as the “Father of Abstract Art”.

Abstract Masterpiece: Composition VII (). Recently I went to see Wassily Kandinsky and Franz Marc’s Blaue Ritter (Blue Rider) exhibition at the the Fondation Beyeler in Basel, Switzerland. Kandisky’s power to arouse emotion through abstract art has always fascinated me.

Between and Kandinsky simultaneously moved towards abstraction, and used colour in his paintings to express his theories of the psychology of colour. He founded a second artistic society in through which he met the artist Franz Marc, with whom he established Der Blaue Reiter ('The Blue Rider') in This was a loose association .

Wassily Kandinsky became a painter rather late in life - Kandinsky - Towards Abstraction Essay introduction. It is only after finishing his studies at the University of Moscow, in his early thirties and completely mature that he decides to fully commit to art.

In abstraction, Kandinsky felt that he had discovered a spiritual reality which was more powerful for not being tied to the outside world – an alternative music for the senses. This period was at its height when Kandinsky co-founded and participated in the Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider) group.

Kandinsky is hailed, alongside Piet Mondrian and Kasimir Malevich, as one of the fathers of abstract art, and in the years leading up to the First World War (considered for many the peak of Kandinsky’s career), he accelerated toward non-representational painting.

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