Company research paper

The purpose of this analysis is to identify the financial strategy and performance of this particular publically traded company. I wanted to analyze Coca Cola because the company has so much history and is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. I have always enjoyed researching food and beverage companies because of my background in the food service industry.

Company research paper

Research Paper on Pepsi International Abstract The paper focuses on the analysis of Pepsi International as one of the leading companies of the world operating in beverage and snack industry. After that the products of the products of the companies are discussed. The analysis of the market strategy proves the fact that the position of the company is steadily progressing and its strategic development is quit perspective.

On analyzing the pricing strategy, product and market mix, it is possible to conclude that Pepsi International will remain among the leaders of beverage and snack industry. Introduction Nowadays, companies operating in the food and drinks industry are struggling for the new markets and implementing new strategies and products targeting at the expansion of their share in the markets worldwide.

In this respect, it should be said that Pepsi International is one of the largest companies operating in the drinks and food market.

In the course of its development the Company research paper has achieved really great results and in the current situation it is considered to be one of the most successful companies operating in this segment of the market.

The experience of Pepsi International is very important and its analysis can reveal the major reasons which helped the company to gain the large share of the soft cola drinks market and play a significant role in food market.

Company research paper

At the same time, Pepsi International is a typical representative of modern multinational companies which operate worldwide and are represented in many countries of the world. Its products are recognizable in different parts of the world and its brand image constitutes a considerable part of the market value of the company.

It is really important to analyze the development and current position of Pepsi International in the market since it helps better understand major trends in the modern business and reveal the effective way of the development of business in the conditions of the globalization of economy.

In order to properly assess the current position of the company in the market it is necessary to carefully analyze its background and development, discuss its major products and market strategies used by the company, and, naturally, it is necessary to focus on the strategic ways of the development Company research paper Pepsi International in order to make an objective conclusion about its further perspectives.

Company overview Background and profile of the company Basically, Pepsi International is considered to be one of the largest beverage and snack company. Company research paper, it was an American company and so it remains today but, at the present moment, it is hardly possible to speak about Pepsi as a company focusing on some national market.

In stark contrast, Pepsi International has already overcome national borders and mainly targets at the expansion in international markets which are extremely perspective for the further development and growth of the company.

It is worthy of mention that the company possesses several brands and Pepsi is just a common brand name which incorporates a number of other popular brands, which though may be not so popular worldwide as Pepsi does. In such a way, nowadays, Pepsi is a large company that unites several popular brands, operates worldwide, and targets at the further expansion in international markets, though its headquarter historically remains in the US, in Purchase, New York1.

Company research paper

The popularity and current achievements of the company may be viewed as a result of its hard work throughout its history. It is worthy of mention that Pepsi internationally may be viewed as an old company having a great experience in the field of beverage and not so long but not less successful experience in fast food production.

Initially, the company was founded in but its way to the national and world recognition was not an easy one. The company witnessed its first successes at the beginning of the 20th century, but the early years of the 20th century may be named the period of formation of the company and acquisition of the essential experience that helped Pepsi became a well-known and popular brand.

Initially, the company specialised on the production of soft cola drink Pepsi cola, which was initially bottled in a drugstore of its inventor Caleb Bradham, and gradually evolved in a dynamically growing company.

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However, the first successes of the company were not very impressive and Pepsi almost collapsed during the Great Depression. The company gained its popularity only in with the introduction of a ounce bottle.

Since that period the company had been growing steadily acquiring the recognition of customer and increasing the popularity of its major product. During the World War II and in a post-war period, the company focused on the new niche market attempting to gain popularity among African Americans.

Such a change in the policy of the company needed the shift in its promotional and advertising campaign since before this period the advertising of its product were racially biased or, what was more often, the company simply ignored African American population.

This is why the company made this strategic shift in order to attract a larger amount of African Americans to the product of the company. Inthe company merged with Frito Lay and became known as Pepsi Co.

Company research paper

This was the period when the company considerably enlarged its share market and started to increase the diversity of products offered to customers. Since s the acquisition of new brands or mergers with other companies operating in drinks and food industry was the strategic direction of the development of the company.

However inthese brands were spun off into Tricon Global Restaurants, now known as Yum! Among the recent acquisition of the company, it is possible to name Tropicana in and Quaker Oats in Nowadays, the position of the company is probably stronger than ever before.

Its major competitor, Coca Cola, gradually loses its positions and Pepsi has already out beaten its major rival having almost three times as many employees and larger revenues.

This means that, at the present moment, the company is in a better position compared to its major competitor that provides ample opportunities for the further growth and market expansion that, in a combination, with diversification of the production and enlargement of the number of products offered to customers strengthen the brand and increases its popularity considerably.

On the other hand, at the present moment the company faces a serious problem of safety of its products since many specialists3 argue the soft cola drinks and food produced by Pepsi may produce a negative impact on human health.

In the course of time, new technologies, especially in chemical industry, were implemented in the process of food and drinks production.

Moreover, drinks and food became an object of mass production and in a combination with new technologies it resulted in the development of companies struggling for their share of the market of the food and drinks industry, in which Pepsi is one of the major players. In fact, many specialists underline the fact that, nowadays, artificial elements, which are used in drinks and food production, substitute natural elements.

In the result, consumers are not informed about what they eat and the taste of food is deceptive because it can vary depending on chemical components used.

Moreover, Pepsi as well as other companies involved in the drinks and food production are not willing to reveal their commercial and technological secrets and the information about the process of food production and its ingredients is a kind of taboo.

Thus, consumers lack information about drinks and food that leads to their deception.Research two companies in the Fortune that offer partner benefits. Compare and contrast the companies as you answer the following questions. Company research paper Mikaili November 12, Indian market research paper our company needs.

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