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Buy research chemicals 2c packaging

Browns Gas generators and some of the applications were first developed and manufactured in Australia. Production was transferred to the Peoples Republic of China at the inducement of its government, resulting in mass production of generators for national distribution.

Important Chinese applications, besides welding and brazing, include water desalination, medical and toxic waste management and destruction, pharmaceutical production applications, and materials hardening.

buy research chemicals 2c packaging

Inthe Chinese re-invited Yull Brown to build a Browns Gas system for deployment in automobiles. This particular technology transfer was interrupted in part due to ill health when he decided to return to his homeland, Australia, to spend the last months of his life.

Through the auspices of our Associations network, Yull Brown made arrangements for additional manufacturing facilities to produce generators and applications that would meet North American and European Union standards in Canada. One novel Canadian application is in synthesizing heavy crude and oil sands.

Our Canadian colleagues are now successfully investigating applications in automobile engines, in optimizing the combustion of other fuels wood, coal, natural gas, etc. There is also the very convincing, but not yet test-proven on a large scale, case of using Browns Gas for the purpose of storing energy in such situations as excess hydro capacity, wind and solar energy by producing Browns Gas from electrolysis during slack demand periods and then using Browns Gas to produce electricity on demand during high-consumption periods.

The efficiencies in both phases are very exciting. The ready and limitless availability of water makes Browns Gas possibly the best carrier for solar energy and other alternative energy sources developed to this time.

It has higher energy-conversion efficiency than hydrogen alone, which is conventionally considered to possess the highest conversion efficiency as fuel.

Browns Gas is non-polluting -- it does not even emit the nitrogen oxides, which results from hydrogen burning. It is naturally recyclable -- the product of its burning is pure water.

Browns Gas is adaptable, like hydrogen, to most of the existing energy utilization technologies, without any major modifications. A house would need a proportionately sized Browns Gas generator for all its basic requirements.

These are as follows: Attaching catalytic heaters to a supply of Browns Gas would provide heat for cooking elements and for space heating. The range of temperature is determined by the control of the catalyst system itself. By using noble metal catalysts, no ignition is required for burning Browns Gas.

Such is the case of conventional gas burners. For cooking, hot plates using both types of catalytic techniques are commercially available. Contrary to hydrogen or hydrocarbon burning in catalytic cooking, which robs oxygen from the ambient medium, Browns Gas results in only pure water vapour with minimal humidity -- and no requirement for vents.

Water cooling and space cooling requirements can be provided by compressing Browns Gas and releasing it, on demand, by venting the result either directly onto the medium to be cooled or into the space to be cooled.

A more efficient system might involve exposing a Browns Gas flame to a circulating freon or like gas tubing, not unlike the old method of applying lit gas lamps or paraffin wicks in the pioneer frigidaires. One litre of water, with about 5 kW input generates 1, litres of Browns Gas that can be released to a chamber located up to 10 metres above floor height, which is linked to a flexible pipe connected to a water basin subject to ambient atmospheric pressure.

When the chamber of Browns Gas is ignited with a spark, it creates vacuum by implosion. This triggers the atmospheric pressure to suction pump about 1, litres of water upwards the height of 10 metres to fill the container.

The head of water can be used to drive an alternator for electrical energy if so required or desired.EC21 is a leading global B2B marketplace connecting buyers with suppliers all over the world including China, Korea, United States and more.

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buy research chemicals 2c packaging

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