An argumentative essay in favor of hammer as the best all terrain vehicle

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An argumentative essay in favor of hammer as the best all terrain vehicle

Beware the Concern Trolls: In the wake of yet another massacre committed by a white man who legally purchased weapons of war, the gun control debate has taken center stage again.

Every time we experience one of these mass shootings, we implore our government to change, but nothing ever does. We took big tobacco down a few notches in this country, so anything is possible. The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun First off, congratulations!

You just invented the entire premise behind the police. The logic goes that John McClane can walk into an airport and kill terrorists to save the day while the cops are pinned down outside the building, therefore so can John Q.

One teensy tiny problem with this concept? It assumes that civilians with zero active shooter training will be able to: Locate the bad guy with a gun in a sea of panic.

Hit said bad guy with a gun without inflicting any other casualties or injuries. Identify themselves as the good guy shooting the gun and not the bad guy shooting the gun to any police in the area. Here, let Kevin Williamson of the National Review demonstrate how hopelessly stupid this idea is when held up to the light of reality credit to nycsouthpaw for laying it all out.

What could ever go wrong? Let me present to you the King of Fullofshitlandia. Paul Ryan's budget proved that. Ryan has proposed to eliminate coverage for preexisting conditions on multiple occasions, thus debilitating our efforts on the mental health front.

He's not serious about this effort, he just wants to deflect the conversation away from guns. Ryan and every other member of Congress has blood on their hands.

Big Issues

Guns are the most effective means of self-defense When a deranged madman started shooting up an Aurora, Colorado movie theater, it took the cops 90 seconds to arrive. The reason he was able to hit so many people is because he possessed a weapon designed for that task, and not because the cops didn't get there in time.

However, for people out in the countryside, it's a completely different reality, and they are exempt from this criticism. I worked for a home security company and lost sale after sale to people living away from cities because our system called the police, and not them.

Guns actually are the most effective means of self-defense when you live so far away that it takes the cops at least 15 minutes to arrive. BUT If you're near a city so, most of usthinking that going one on one with a shooter is more effective than finding a place to hide and waiting for trained professionals to take them down is insane.

I thought we lived in a country that trusted armed men with badges more than anything? Secondly, guns are only an effective means of self-defense if you know how to use them, and the NRA used to exist specifically for that exact purpose.

An argumentative essay in favor of hammer as the best all terrain vehicle

I grew up around plenty of reasonable NRA members who were taught to respect the power of a gun, but that's out the window now that the NRA is effectively just the lobbying arm of gun manufacturers.

You can still receive training from the NRA, but that's just not where their central efforts lie anymore. This is a gun ownership failure, and you see shit like that happen all the time. I'd believe that a lot more people use guns for self-defense if you didn't have a bunch of Roy Moore's out there treating them like toys.

But Chicago First off, stop being a racist piece of shit.What this handout is about This handout discusses common logical fallacies that you may encounter in your own writing or the writing of others. This is a feature hammers do not share—it would be hard to kill a crowd with a hammer.

Thus, the analogy is weak, and so is the argument based on it. If you can knock down even the best. The Hammer or the Anvil The Hammer or the Anvil The 19th Century in Europe was a time of power-balancing, revolution, industrialization, and imperialism.

Persuasive Essay Many people all over Canada and the United States think Hummers are the best all terrain vehicles (ATV s). The history of the Hummer starts, in with competition for the development of a high mobility multi-purposed wheeled vehicle to meet the army s highest standards.

More Essay Examples on. Is the Pattern of Trade Consistent with H-O? First, we need to analyze the comparative resources, labour force, physical capital, engineering and labor and capital strength between both the Australia and German economic systems. PLZ ANSWER ALL OF THE QUESTIONS CORRECTLY IF YOU ANSWER THEM ALL YOU GET 40 POINTS 1.

Choose the detail that would best support the following main idea for an argumentative essay. Parts of an Argumentative Essay. STUDY. PLAY. Hook. Found in the introduction section of your essay, this component grabs your reader's attention and establishes a connection between your reader and yourself through the means of an anecdote, an image, a definition, or a quote.

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